Independent restaurants often have a much tougher time turning a profit than their larger corporate counterparts. This makes sense since nationwide chains tend to operate on a much larger scale, which allows them to leverage their buying power to get manufacturer discounts that would be unavailable to the average small-scale restaurant owner. Unfortunately, it can also leave independently operated restaurants struggling to keep up.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Joining a restaurant buying group can help independent operators take advantage of some of the same savings as chain restaurants. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of group purchasing below.

Save Time

Comparing vendors, services, and prices can become an overwhelming task for independent restaurant owners. When they join buying groups, they can leave this work to a third-party company and focus on other important aspects of running their businesses. Some restaurant purchasing groups even offer dedicated apps and tools to help them understand buying trends and vendor services, which can make it easier for those who want to continue playing a larger role in their own purchasing.

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A Competitive Edge

Dedicated purchasing groups like RSI are committed to staying ahead of trends in the food industry. They utilize all the latest data capture and analysis technologies to ensure that they are getting the best possible deals for their members and keep them informed about food shortages and market changes. This, in turn, helps restaurants to prepare for changes in pricing and other market trends.

Tracing Supplies

The last few years have produced quite a few major food scares and recalls. These can be disastrous for restaurant owners who do not trace their supplies and work with trustworthy vendors, but few restaurant owners have the time and expertise to evaluate every vendor. Working with a purchasing group means that they don’t have to since there’s already a specialized expert working to ensure quality and supply chain transparency.


Helpful Tools and Services

Some restaurant purchasing groups go above and beyond simply providing their members with discounts. They also offer additional tools and services that can help independently operated restaurants cut back on food waste through periodic audits and understand current market trends. Given how difficult it is to run an independent restaurant in an economy that is all-too-often stacked in favor of larger corporate chains, access to these apps, tools, and services can make a huge difference when it comes to cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency.

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